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In Development

We're always coming up with new ideas! We're currently developing scripted dramas and comedies in both feature film and episodic formats.

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Kara Takes Crunchtown!

Half-Hour Comedy Series

Written by Brynn Byrne

Produced by Aaron Yeger and Sarah Jackson

Kara Takes Crunchtown! is a half hour comedy set in 1996 about struggling thespian Kara O’Donovan, her urban outcast friends, and a plucky group of tweens, as they try to bring musical theatre to blue-collar St. Vincent, Ontario AKA “Crunchtown.”



Digital-First Drama Series

Written by Brynn Byrne

Story by Brynn Byrne and Aaron Yeger

Produced by Sarah Jackson and Aaron Yeger

Unlicensed is a slow-burn dramatic mystery set twenty years in the future, where everyone must pass a test to earn a license to be an adult. A powerful tech and social media corporation has completely overtaken society. In this unique digital anthology series, each episode focuses on a new character from a diverse ensemble, while revealing more of the big picture through their interpersonal struggles and personal journeys in this subtly dystopian world.


The Brothers Schwartz

Half-Hour Comedy Series

Created by Aaron Yeger

The Brothers Schwartz is a dark, chaotic, and completely meshugeh—Yiddish for crazy—comedy about three adult brothers, their families, and modern Jewish life in Canada. They navigate the day to day responsibilities of their families, jobs, and relationships with each other and their aging parents. It's also a satire about the secular Jewish cultural experience, told through one particular Ashkenazi Diaspora family.

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