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with Jean

Short Drama (Filming 2022)

With the generous support of a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts:

“Interview with Jean” is the story of a young woman Anne, who interviews her grandmother Jean with the goal of learning more about her life story. Jean raised 11 children while suffering from schizophrenia. Anne’s knowledge of her grandmother comes primarily through stories told to her by other family members, and in light of her own experience with anxiety is hoping to understand more. As the conversation unfolds, with touches of surrealism and animation, it becomes evident that this conversation is actually a fantasy, wherein Anne of “today” has placed herself in 1989, where her memories of Jean exist, because Jean passed away when Anne was a very young child. Anne realizes that her perception of her grandmother’s life will always be complex and nuanced. She acknowledges that her grandmother is more than a tragic figure, and that unpacking her family history will be an evolving process. In the end, Anne concludes that her memories are not a frustrating puzzle, but are actually a joyous gift.

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Brynn, Aaron and Sarah, with director of photography Stephen Whitehead, on the set of Unlicensed (2018)