In Development.

Kara Takes Crunchtown!

Half-Hour Scripted Comedy

Kara Takes Crunchtown! is a half hour comedy set in 1996, about struggling thespian Kara O’Donovan, her urban outcast friends, and a plucky group of tweens, as they try to bring musical theatre to blue-collar St. Vincent, Ontario, AKA “Crunchtown.”

Created by Brynn Byrne

Unlicensed: The Series

10-Minute Digital Scripted Drama

Unlicensed is an innovative dramatic digital mystery series set 20 years in the future, where everyone must pass a test to earn a license to be an adult.

Created by Brynn Byrne and Aaron Yeger

Produced by Sarah Jackson

Dark Times Café

10-Minute Digital Scripted Comedy

In this comedic digital series, it’s 2022 and small businesses are rebuilding after a crisis. Andrew and Jill are two urban creatives (hipsters) who fled Toronto and reunited in Hollisville, a reluctantly gentrifying industrial city where they open, of all things, an artisan coffee shop: Dark Times Café.

Created by Brynn Byrne

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